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       He is Juan Crisostomo Ibarra of Noli Me Tangere in disguise. He fled to Cuba where he became rich and consequently befriended many Spanish officials.
       Unlike Ibarra in Noli, he is now vigilant; he now embodies the Filipinos who had had enough of the cruelties of the Spaniards.
       Outwardly, he is a friend of Spain, but deep in his heart, he is bitter and ruthless, secretly planning a revolution against the Spanish authorities.


       He is the son of Sisa.
       A very promising medical student.
       At first he refuses to join Simoun's plan of overthrowing the Spanish government; in this, he represents the young educated Filipinos who are apathetic to the needs of the society.
       Juli's death makes him decide to join Simoun's troop.


       He is the nephew of Padre Florentino and the lover of Paulita Gomez.
       Once a person full of hope and aspirations for his country, he was disheartened and let go of his ideals in favor of personal gains.
       He symbolizes the youth who, despite their being very aggressive and idealistic, cannot be relied on in times of adversity.

    Seņor Pasta

       He is an old Filipino lawyer who refuses to help the Filipino students in their clamor for educational reforms.
       He represents the part of the society that is only generous and sympathetic to the rich and powerful.
       His self-centeredness overshadows his patriotism.

    Placido Penitente and Pecson

       They are the students who asked for educational reforms.
       They represent the people who have yet to cultivate their nationalistic attitude.

    Father Irene

       He is a kind friar who is a friend of the Filipino students. He supports the students who appeal to the government for an academy of Spanish language.
       He embodies the few Spaniards who are sympathetic to the Filipinos.

    Father Florentino

       He is a retired scholarly and patriotic Filipino priest.
       He believes that the Philippines will have its freedom.

    Kabesang Tales

       Juli's father.
       The friars dispossessed him of his land; in real life, Rizal's father met the same fate.
       He symbolizes the natives and farmers whose lands were seized by the friars.
       His story presents the cause of the revolution.

    Maria Clara

       She is Ibarra's girlfriend.
       She enlisted in the nunnery when she learned that Ibarra was already dead. Simoun planned to sneak her out of the convent; she died before the plan was put to action.

    Doņa Victorina

       She is the ridiculously pro-Spanish woman who is going to Laguna in search of her henpecked husband.
       Her search for her husband symbolizes her search for the foreign identity that she did not have.


       Basilio's sweetheart.
       Chose death over the loss of honor and dignity.
       She represents the Philippines which would rather suffer with pride and honor.

    Paulita Gomez

       The beautiful niece of Doņa Victorina.
       She rejected Isagani because of his liberal ideas.
       She represents the women who have no sense of nationalism and sympathy towards others.

    synopsis   main points

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