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  1. Ibarra's attack to Padre Damaso produced the following results except
  2.    the retraction of his engagement to Maria Clara
       his imprisonment
       his excommunication
       none of the above

  3. In Noli, Rizal highlights the following Filipino good qualities except
  4.    modesty and devotion of Filipino women
       hospitality of the Filipinos
       devotions of parents to their children
       none of the above

  5. Rizal revealed the injustices of the Spaniards through
  6.    the unjust arrest of Don Rafael and the denial of Christian burial
       accusing Crispin of stealing money from the priest
       insanity of Sisa due to the loss of her two sons
       a & b
       all of the above

  7. Filibustero means
  8.    liberal
       all of the above

  9. Rizal dedicated El Filibusterismo to
  10.    all Filipinos
       his Family
       the reformist
       all of the above

  11. Which of the following doesn't describe the Noli Me Tangere
  12.    it is a romantic novel
       it is a true story of the Philippine conditions during the last         decades of Spanish rule
       it contains bitterness, hatred, pain, violence, and sorrow
       it is responsible for paving the ground for Philippine Revolution
       none of the above

  13. Ibarra was imprisoned because
  14.    he attempted to kill Padre Damaso
       he threw the alferez into the mudhole
       he was accused of being the mastermind of the attack in the         barracks
       none of the above
       all of the above

  15. The title Noli Me Tangere was taken from the gospel of
  16.    St. Mark
       St. Matthew
       St. Luke
       St. John
       none of the above

  17. Which of the following is not found in Noli?
  18.    the tale of Sisa
       the death of Ibarra
       the death of Elias
       the attack in the barracks
       none of the above

  19. In his preface to the Noli Me Tangere, to what group of outcasts did Rizal compare the Philippine society with?
  20.    the pariah of India
       the African slaves of America
       the lepers of ancient Israel
       all of these
       none of the above

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